Scott Bailey

  • Loved it! Now I have to go and binge on his works!

  • My name is Scott Bailey. I write novels, poetry and short stories. I am a husband and father of two beautiful boys. My family and I have gone through a lot lately, starting a family, losing a child, adopting and […]

  • Once I was a seed
    Bursting with potential
    Waiting to spring out
    From darkness into light

    Once I was a sapling
    Fresh and green and quivering
    Stretching up with hope
    To the bright blue sky

    Once I was a […]

  • Orange light tried to sparkle off the wet tarmac. Otherwise, all was still, even the three figures that lay in the road.

    Two were face down by the kerb, the other was splayed out in the middle of the street. […]

  • The General’s orders are loudOver the shattering shellsThrough the mustard gas cloudThe General’s orders are loudFor privates timid and proudWe hear the tolling of bellsThe General’s orders are loudOver the shatt […]

  • “My patience is almost spent.”

    “I apologise, Mr Dickens. The situation is complicated.”

    “I have been hearing that for two weeks now! And have been given nothing! No answers! I don’t know where I am. I don […]