Sarah Tait

  • It’s a steep climb. Hundreds turn through the tawdry souvenir shops, then snake their way towards the dome. They enter. They fall silent. There is something in the walls, pasts and futures seeping high in the c […]

  • Island life, Island times
    Wantsum and Stour and cauliflowered lines,
    Thanet fields, Thanet shore
    Dreamlanding childhoods and Lido’d crowds galore,
    East Kent sun, East Kent miles
    Harboured under moonlight a […]

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    Publication credit to Paper Swans Press ‘The Chronicles of Eve’, April 2016. The poem is not about waves / sea.

  • Growing up, up, up, and away –
    yet still the pull on my surf
    the surging call of moonlight
    the ebb and flow of remembered warmth
    and want.
    My compass-dial spins –
    magnetic variation shifting year on year
    a […]

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  • A poem originally written for a fund-raising anthology publication in response to the Haiti earthquake disaster in 2010.