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  • There’s something special about June; the sun shines brighter and the days are feeling much longer and warmer. Did you know that June brings the Northern Hemisphere the longest daylight hours, but the Southern […]

  • Well, we’ve made it to May and I can’t help but feel like the year is accelerating. But still, the winter is out and we are well into the spring/summer vibes. Interesting fact about May: it was named after the Gre […]

  • As the scarves and woolly hats find their way back into the wardrobe for another year, let us see the cold and darkness of winter out with a promising spring on the horizon. Spring is one of my favourite times of […]

  • Greetings wordsmiths, scribblers and creatives! Should you ever weigh the successes of writing against the process itself, you might find the scale slamming down at the latter (or perhaps that’s just me). But t […]

  • Im a bit late watching this, but regardless – the video has still inspired me for the year ahead. I have learnt a lot about writing through my own experience and have seen how much the quality of my writing has […]

  • Every year in November, authors and novelists across the world attempt to write a 50,000-word novel in just 30 days for NaNoWriMo. To find out why, and how National Novel Writing Month can bring a sense of […]

  • Poetry slams, where poetry is performed in a competitive environment, are a different side to poetry than page or even performance poetry. To find out how they work, and what entering one is like, we went to the […]

  • Sam Kaye commented on the post, Under Taker 2 years ago

    Really like this poem, Connor.

  • I really enjoyed this essay, Alex. Its humerous and painfully true! Ironically, some of the points above had danced around in my mind at the ealiest stages of writing, but it was the craft that I later fell in […]

  • Sam Kaye commented on the post, Dream Walker 2 years, 1 month ago

    Really enjoyed this Matthew. Nice twist!

  • When looking at publishing, writers and authors have many options when considering what avenues to take. Instead of self-publishing or pursuing the Big Five, some writers choose to submit to independent publishing […]

  • I had never given flash fiction much time, but this has really left an impression on me. Very moving with a poweful ending. Wonderful work, Davina.

  • Writing, like a lot of things in life, requires a certain degree of blood, sweat and tears – this will most likely be in the proverbial sense, but I’m not ruling anything out. But, by being a writer, you’ve also […]

  • March forward now, little boy.
    Come on, face the wall.
    ’Cos you’ve been gobbing off again,
    Swearing and all.

    I’m not saying you’re a failure,
    You’re just not worth the strife.
    So run along, back home litt […]

  • Many writers count appearing at a litfest amongst their professional ambitions. To find out it is like, we went to the Margate Bookie and spoke to some of the headline authors appearing there, to find out what the […]

  • This is a great article and raises a good point. I used to read my favourite authors to try and learn how to write ‘better’. But all I did was upset myself because the quality of their work seemed so unattainable. […]

  • Whether prevention or cure, sometimes the last thing you want is to medicate your mental state.

  • Good little article that rings true. I cant tell you the amount of times I have re-read my work and thought ‘oh shut up and get on with it.’
    A good reminder to WRITE rather than wriiiiiittttteeee.

  • Sam Kaye commented on the post, Loose Ends 3 years ago

    Hi Rebecca, Thank you for the lovely review. This story has given birth to a new narration style that I will carry over into my novel.

  • Sam Kaye commented on the post, Loose Ends 3 years ago

    Thank you Janet, this little story was one that I tried to write when I was at school many moons ago. The concept is well used but the writing was a real joy!

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