Roger Jefferies

  • He parked his car in the yard at the back of the hotel. It was late afternoon. He took his suitcase from the boot and put it down while he shut it. He leaned back on the car for a moment; the air was warm, better […]

  • I don’t sleep well. Nothing unusual in that, but nevertheless the insomniac assumes it is a highly personal affliction, just experienced by them, a unique suffering. That’s how it is for me, enduring several str […]

  • Getting old had caught Malcolm unawares, and now he was seventy he was preoccupied with what that meant. His parents had survived into their nineties, and he was still hopeful he might match them, and the symptoms […]

  • I grew up in South London and after University, where I read Law, I worked in local authorities in a variety of places, latterly in London Boroughs. Then I became the first Housing Ombudsman before I retired. I […]

  • I was in Thailand; it was the first week in February about six weeks after the tsunami. It was hot and humid. The heat exhausted me. There was debris everywhere, collapsed buildings, uprooted palm trees, and a […]

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