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    Our History
    China Starred- River Group was formed in 1982
    In the 1980s, the China Starred- River Group began to expand outside of china.
    Our new markets have been, and are now even more so, stimuli for us to increase our corporate design capacity, and to adapt to the growing and diversified expectations of an ever more varied range of industries.
    Over the years, our initial drive for internationalisation has led to the development of a consolidated sales network, firstly in Indonesia, India, the UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Pakistan and Dubai, and later in the Thailand, Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia.
    Due to the economies development.the China Starred- River Group to expand its market in South East Asia.
    Our Product
    Product Application
    Our Certificate
    Our service
    pre-sale: We can help you according to your needs to choose your reducer models and drawings.
    Sale: We can provide you with the progress of production and the arrival date of the goods.
    Aftermarket: When you receive the goods a year later, the product appears any quality problems, we are responsible for the return.
    Our after sales service enables us to consolidate the partnership based on a high level of transparency and customer satisfaction, reflecting our company’s mission – supreme quality and reputation first.Hollow Shaft Conical Cylindrical Speed Reducer factory