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    Classroom flooring Introduction
    Comparing to hard flooring, PVC flooring has better safety, shock absorption and better rebound resilience. It is made of 100% pure PVC raw material. It does not contain methanal, which is environmental protective. Installation and maintenance cost is low.
    1. Ultra soft hand feeling: Shore D45 degree, has an excellent resilience.
    2. Locking system: newly invented rectangle shape locks are more stable.
    3. Anti-UV 100%: no obvious color fading after 500-hour successive UV test.
    4. Durable: long lasting indoor application with 10 years of guarantee.
    Application of PVC flooring
    1.Sport court :basketball, badminton, volleyball, tennis, table tennis ,futsal ,handball, inline hockey ,racquetball.
    2.Supermarkets, basement, garage floor, doormat, bathroom, balcony.
    3.Garden, Terrace, Villa courtyard ,kindergarten, school.
    4.Park and Recreation facilities
    5.Exhibition,car show
    6.Indoor gymnasium
    Advantages of PVC Flooring. for classroom
    1, floor price selection range
    2, for a wide range of applications
    3, stain resistance, acid cut off good, maintenance-free
    4, flexible, non-slip performance
    5, antibacterial, not moth, mildew
    6, good dimensional stability, will not be affected by temperature, humidity deformation
    7, safe, environmentally friendly without formaldehyde
    8, noise reduction, foot feeling comfortable
    9, color, rich patterns, fully meet the individual design needs
    Packaging & Delivery
    Packaging Details:
    Rolled by paper core, then covered by waterproof Kraft paper.

    1.Q: What is the MOQ?
    A: According to the user’s specific needs.
    2.Q: How to get accurate quotation?
    A: If you are interested in our products, please provide the following information:
    ♦ The use of products
    ♦ Detailed product dimensions.
    ♦ Product material.
    ♦ Product surface treatment.
    ♦ Ordinary purchase quantity.
    3.. Q: How do you ensure the quality?
    A: we have established a complete quality control system. We products have CE certification
    4. Q: If you make poor quality goods, will you refund our funds?
    A: In fact, we do not have a chance to make inferior products. At the same time, we will manufacture the products until you are satisfied.
    5. Q: How to contact the sales staff?
    A: Please send us an inquiry or email directly. Or you can talk to us online via trade manager, email, wechat, whatsapp, etc.China Education Flooring