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  • The global scale of human tragedy and economic disruption caused by the ongoing pandemic places writers in a position of responsibility. Future readers will expect to find a response to all that is happening in […]

  • I am a member of a popular fiction writing group on Facebook in which people often reach out for advice from other writers. One post caught my eye recently, in which somebody asked for suggestions about what […]

  • For people who’ve written from an early age, or perhaps any age, writing can feel like a compulsion. It can make demands on your time that are unwanted. I can remember my first full-time job after university. In m […]

  • Richard tells me to open my eyes. The moment has been arranged as rehearsed. The bandages are off and the doctors will return once we’ve had this moment. The only thing missing is Jessie. Her reassuring b […]

  • Why are rules written? In the broadest terms, rules are created to avoid repeating past errors. Whether preventing those errors results in saving lives, or protecting financial interests, or simply ensuring a game […]

  • Today I learned a new word: grift. It is an informal word meaning to engage in petty or small-scale swindling.

    According to the all-knowing internet, the English language contains over 200,000 words, when we […]

  • The best writing is not published or shared. It sits on a hard drive in scraps. Cohesive in the mind of its creator; the person who is in the privileged position of the unjudged writer. A person who is able to […]

  • Often technology is a distraction from the task at hand. The idea that being a writer demands you to have the perfect app, or the perfect computer, or a retro piece of kit, like a typewriter, is nonsense. This […]

  • It can be a daunting thought moving from the writing of short fiction to long fiction. And that you might be led to believe that you require event upon event to fill the word count. As a solution to this concern, […]

  • Ernest Letter was born with a vampiric taste for money. From an early age, he sucked it out of the system and into his offshore accounts. Hoarding the precious resource, investing in property, enjoying it, never […]

  • All good advice, I’d like to add that one good way to fit writing into a busy life is to install a writing app on your mobile phone so that in those moments when you might tweet or check your Facebook feed, […]

  • Tell me how this happened, says the dentist.

    Her voice is kindness, mixed in a pudding bowl with her Eastern European accent. She often talks of Bratislava and the Tatra Mountains. The Slovakia of her childhood […]

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    The snow is gathering on my boots as I wait for the train. The electronic boards are changing their mind minute by minute. Will it or won’t it arrive? There’s no reason to be at the office today, it’d be fine […]

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