Opportunities: September 2020

A curated roundup for September 2020 of submission opportunities for short stories, poetry, and non-fiction writing.

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It’s already September. It’s going to be Christmas before we realise it, isn’t it? But, with another new month comes a new roundup of writing opportunities for you to get stuck into. On top of these, Thanet Writers is still open for submissions. You can submit your work here


Our first poetry opportunity this month is the Before it Was Cool literary journal by Weasel Press.

We are fearless punks, broken lovers, bruised poets, fiery activists, dedicated story tellers and much, much more.

The journal is printed twice a year and you can submit to either of their upcoming publications. Volume three, with a deadline of the 1st of October, has the theme of We Liked Fantasy Before it was Cool and volume four, with a deadline of 1st of January, has the theme of We Liked Erotica Before it was Cool. What makes this journal interesting is that they’re looking for what they call hipster literature. It seems like an interesting opportunity to test your creativity. You can submit up to five items at a time, they accept previously published work and they’re looking for poems up to two pages in length. To check out all of their terms or to submit, you can go through their Submittable.

The second poetry submission is with Ghost Proposal’s Summer Issue. They’re looking for writing that sits outside of genres, work that bends or pushes against traditional limitations and there’s no entry fee with the work being published on the website. On top of poetry submissions, they’re open to basically everything except for narrative fiction, so it’s another opportunity to get out there and try something else. Submissions are open until the 1st of October and can be completed here.

Short Stories

The first fiction opportunity comes The Lit Mug. They’re looking for micro-fiction of less than five hundred words with the winning piece being printed on the side of a mug. It seems like quite a new venture, there is a $3 submission fee and there is only going to be one author being selected to be printed on the mugs, but they do send you two mugs if you are selected. This is more of a fun opportunity than anything else, and we could all do with a bit of light-heartedness these days. Who doesn’t want to see their writing on the side of a mug? Submission close on the 15th of October and can be done through their submittable here.

The second fiction opportunity comes from the Language Evolves – Short Story Competition 2020. They’re looking for work inspired by the field of language evolution with winners being published in the New Welsh Review and picking up a cash prize of £400. They have some online resources on their website to start learning about how language evolved, but we did miss the workshop they were running about the topic in conjunction with the competition. If this type of writing is your thing, this seems like a good opportunity and if it isn’t, it seems like a good opportunity to maybe go a bit outside your comfort zone. Submissions are free and can be done through their website here, along with the full terms of submission.


The first non-fiction opportunity this month comes from The Bangalore Review who are looking for literary criticism, creative non-fiction and book reviews. There is a $3 submission fee but there isn’t a deadline as the review is accepting submission on a rolling basis with new publications being published every month on their website. They have quite a wide range of different things currently published on their website so it’s definitely worth having a look if you’re on the fence about submitting. If you do decide to submit, you can do so here.

The second non-fiction opportunity is with HerStry who are looking for pieces about life during COVID from women. They want true stories about you and what it’s been like during these unprecedented times, The good and the bad of it. The sad and happy. What sets this apart from others is that their focus is on empowering women through storytelling.

Unless she did something incredible (or very, very bad) most women don’t get named in history. HerStry wants to rewrite that narrative and put women front and center through their personal storytelling.

On top of their COVID submissions, they’re also looking for more general submissions which they publish monthly. For general submissions there isn’t a fee but there is a $3 fee if you want to tell your COVID story. It has a great ethos and is definitely worth a look if you have something you’d like to send to them. You can submit through their website here.


For the highlight this month we have the Benjamin Franklin House Literary Prize. They’re looking for writing from people living in the UK between the ages of 18 and 25 around a quote: ‘Glass, China and Reputation are easily crack’d, and never well mended.’ There is a cash prize of £750 for the winner and £500 for second place with winning stories being published on their website. The cash prize may not be as much as some of others but it’s in association with The Telegraph so winning would look quite good on your writing CV as well as the cash prize. Submissions are open until the end of October and they need to be sent via email. Full details can be found on their website here.


That’s everything for September. Hopefully there’s something here that takes your fancy and good luck with your submissions!

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