Opportunities: December 2020

A curated roundup for December 2020 of submission opportunities for short stories, poetry, and non-fiction writing.

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The country is, technically, out of lockdown, they’ve approved a vaccine, Christmas is around the corner and there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel that is 2020. So, for the last roundup of what can only be described as a surreal year, here are the opportunities for December. As usual, you can still submit to Thanet Writers by making an account and heading over to our submission page.


The poetry opportunity for this month is Poetry London. Poetry London is a leading international magazine, where new names share pages with acclaimed contemporary poets. We also publish a wide range of poetry in translation. They have a magazine published every February, May and September and they pay £30 for your first accepted poem, £20 for any subsequent poems that they publish of yours. They have quite a pedigree behind them as well, with the poetry editor – who will read any of your submissions for this – was once the assistant poetry editor at Faber.

There doesn’t seem to be a closing date for this one and there aren’t any themes or anything like that, but for full details on how to submit, have a look at their website here.

Short Stories

The fiction opportunity for this month is Open Pen. They’re a London based publisher whose mission is to encourage writing from anywhere and everywhere, and provide that for free to people. They have a wide range of tools to their belts – they publish novelettes, anthologies and three issues of the short story magazine a year. They don’t pay for the submissions, but they do have a lot of places stocking these magazines across the country, including Thanet’s own Margate Bookshop.

They’re looking for short stories between 1 and 3000 words and are open for submissions until the 31st of January. For full details on how to submit, have a look at their website here.


The non-fiction opportunity for this month is The London Magazine are looking for incisive and erudite essays, features and reviews between 800 and 2000 words. They are England’s oldest literary periodical and have published people like T.S. Elliot and Arthur Conan Doyle, with six magazines currently being published a year. They don’t pay, unfortunately, but at least they don’t charge for submissions. They’re quite broad in what they will accept, with the only real guidelines being that it can’t have been published previously, and that it doesn’t have to have a connection to London. They do like work that has a London focus to it, but it’s not a necessity.

They don’t have a deadline for submission and you can find all the details on how to submit on their website here.


This month’s highlight is the Mogford Prize 2021. They are looking for short stories less than 2500 words and the prizes are nothing to be sniffed at. First place boasts a whole host of prizes on offer. Firstly, £10,000. And an inscribed award. Secondly, the story will be read by an actor and uploaded to StoryPlayer. Thirdly, not only will the winning story be published online but it will also be printed in a booklet that will be placed in a booklet that will be placed in each of Mogford’s hotel rooms. There are some good prizes for shortlisted writers as well. Three runner-up entries will get £250 and all shortlisted stories will be published online and in the hotel booklet. They usually pay for travel expenses to go to the award ceremony. Because of COVID, the ceremony may not happen so, if it can’t go ahead, they’re going to offer the winning and runner-up writers a night in one of their hotels instead.

All that they want from the stories is that food and drink needs to be at the core of the story and there is a £15 entrance fee – with the submission deadline being the 13th of January.

For the full details, head over to their website here.


That’s everything for December. Hopefully there’s something here that takes your fancy and good luck with your submissions!

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