Starbucks Lovers by Cal Harris

Poet Cal Harris performs a reading of his poem ‘Starbucks Lovers’.

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Is it more heartfelt to send your loved one a handwritten letter of affection or would they see constant Skype communication, email correspondence and mushy Facebook statuses as a more touching gesture of love? Starbucks Lovers explores this concept in as witty and modern way.

Based on a misheard lyric from Taylor Swift’s Blank Space, Starbucks Lovers is a tongue-in-cheek commentary on the lack of physical interaction brought on by the advent of social media and the internet. Once upon a time, not so long ago, internet cafés were dotted around cities, and used by kids to play games or businessmen to send a quick email. Now, every artisan coffeehouse has become a hub for serial Skypists. Starbucks Lovers is about these people, but probably not for them.

Cal's performance poetry is laced with witty observations of banality and infusions of pop-culture. Spoken-word for the everyday man.

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