Piano Play by Gary Studley

Poet Gary Studley performs a reading of his poem ‘Piano Play’.

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Once upon a time, in a relationship, with all the wonderful gamut of bells, lights and whistles that are carried with it, writing happily rode the back seat, grabbed at in those tiny slivers of time taken when full of new love, lust and togetherness. As time progressed, the incredible urge and need to be with each other sadly moved from unstoppable to unimaginable and writing became a necessary accompaniment to career, life and each other. One night, when struggling to finish a poem that had stop-started twice before, came the realisation that any accusations of selfishness, obsession and paradoxically, an increasing sense of distance, were corrosive to us both.

Gary Studley is a writer, artist and teacher. He co-runs SoundLines and two live-lit nights at The Jolly Sailor and The Lighthouse.

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