What Thanet Writers Look For in an Essay

The thanetwriters.com Editorial Team share their thoughts on what makes a good Thanet Writers Essay and offer some tips on what to include.

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Every week thanetwriters.com publishes three essays aimed at supporting writers, sharing insights, and opening avenues for discussion.

The type of essay we are looking for is extremely hard to pinpoint as the art of writing covers such a broad spectrum. You could be a poet wanting to share what you believe makes a great poem. You might be a successful author wishing to share your knowledge of publishing, or a new writer wanting to share how you make time to write while juggling family life and work. You could be a screenwriter or an editor, a proof reader or a ghost writer, a cover designer or an illustrator of picture books. If you have knowledge of anything to do with writing and would like to share your experience, knowledge, learnings, insights, or opinions with others, please write us an essay and submit it to Thanet Writers.

Here are a few pointers which we feel make an essay successful:

It should be truthful. You don’t need to put on a persona of confidence in order to offer fellow writers guidance or an insight into your particular field of experience. Instead, your words should come from a very open and honest place.

It should be genuine in its want of helping others.

It should be as informative as you can make it. You can use examples to back up your opinion, where applicable, of what you deem to be successful and unsuccessful writing.

You should offer your own opinion but be open-minded to the varying beliefs and views of others.

It doesn’t need to be unique; it doesn’t matter if what you want to write has been done many times before, but what does matter is that you put yourself into it, and therefore put your own unique spin on the information.


thanetwriters.com was created as a platform for your voice. It is a place to share your knowledge and opinions.

Please remember, to have your work published to Thanet Writers you need to have a genuine link to Thanet. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to live here, or have been born here, but you need to be connected to the area somehow and be keen to help increase the creative community of Thanet.

Please visit thanetwriters.com/submit to submit your writing to the site.

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