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thanetwriters.com is a literary resource for readers and writers; featuring short stories, poems, essays, book reviews and videos.

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Thanet Writers CIC is a publisher, promoter and supporter of writers and readers, and thanetwriters.com is a resource which exhibits short stories, poetry, and book reviews, alongside articles and essays to support creative writers and poets improving their craft. The site is designed for anyone who enjoys literature, whether you read, write, or both.

Monday: Stories

There is great joy in reading a story. You can get lost in it and escape into a new and exciting world. Thanet Writers will be publishing a short story each Monday, written by local people with a strong link to the area.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: Essays

Writers learn from success, mistakes, and the support of others. Everyone needs a little help sometimes, whether it be creating realistic characters, building tension, understanding story arcs or simple motivation. These essays, written by writers for writers, are to help support all of us.

Friday: Poetry

There’s something very captivating about a poem. They come in all shapes and styles and can often be interpreted in many different ways. Each Friday we will be publishing a poem from the writing talent of Thanet.

Saturday: Features

This could be a video reading of a short story or poem, an interview with a local author, an investigation into something that is difficult to write about, or a news event related to literature.

Sunday: Reviews

There are so many great books out there, but with so much choice it can be difficult deciding what to read next. Let our weekly book review help you find your next book.


Thanet Writers is growing. We hope you enjoy the content published and invite anyone who is linked to Thanet to become part of the community.

Thanet Writers is a community for writers, authors, and poets, offering writing advice and support, stories and poetry, reviews and news.

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