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An explanation of the weekly featured items presented on and how to get involved and become part of this content.

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Every week a Feature is published on to offer insight into writers connected to Thanet, writing background, and updates from Thanet Writers. These take the form of both written articles and videos.


Thanet Writers open dialogue with local writers and figures in the literary world. These will be shared in both video form as Interviews, and written Discourse pieces. Guests for both are invited to approach the Editorial Team, and if you feel you have something to offer then you are more than welcome to get in touch.

Writers also contribute Readings of their work, whether that is a story or a poem, which are filmed as performance pieces. If you would like to read some of your work, then contact Thanet Writers to discuss your idea.

Videos are facilitated by a professional videographer without any production charge to the featured writer as part of Thanet Writers’ community focus.

Spotlight articles are also written, highlighting the lives and works of notable writers with a link to Thanet. If you have an idea for a Spotlight, or would like to write one yourself, the Features Editor would love to hear from you.


To support writers when looking into interesting and difficult topics, Thanet Writers send out a roving reporter to conduct Investigations on camera. These involve a conversation with a guest who either goes through an experience during the discussion, or has previous understanding of the subject at hand. Thanet Writers will also present written Research articles offering background information on specific themes, in order to share knowledge and provide a resource for writers.

All the areas focused on come from writers, and are requested by the Thanet Writers community. If you have an idea for a subject you would like covered then please contact the Features Editor or leave a comment.


Thanet Writers regularly post News items to point out what is happening on the website and with the organisation as a whole. Special updates will be broadcast on key dates.


All of the Thanet Writers Features can be found on and are freely available to browse.

If you have an idea for one of the Features mentioned above or would like to appear in a video then please get in touch via Facebook, Twitter, or email, and a member of the Editorial Team will get in contact to discuss your idea. Thanet Writers is a community-based organisation and is committed to building a network of writers from and linked to Thanet, and as such is always open and available for comment or conversation.

Thanet Writers is a community for writers, authors, and poets, offering writing advice and support, stories and poetry, reviews and news.

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