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As a website, thanetwriters.com is constantly evolving and improving. Here is some information regarding updates and developments.

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thanetwriters.com has been updated, including better ways to manage your profile and interact within the site. This is to enhance your experience and improve the way the website operates.

The main focus of thanetwriters.com is to offer a platform for writers from or connected to Thanet to share their work. The site will still be featuring videos, along with essays to support writers, stories and poetry, book reviews, plus other features looking at Thanet and ways to support local writers.

As this is a new platform and a completely custom design there may still be issues and elements that don’t quite work as intended. Thanet Writers need your help in identifying these bugs. If you spot something that doesn’t work, please get in touch via Facebook, Twitter, or email, and send us a message. Messages are logged and the information passed to our designers over at Epytome, who will be working through the bugs.

Thank you for your support with this site.

Thanet Writers is a community for writers, authors, and poets, offering writing advice and support, stories and poetry, reviews and news.

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