Thanet Writers Summary of 2017

Highlights from the writing community of Thanet in 2017.

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2017 has been an incredible year for writing, and here in Thanet a lot has happened.

This year we have published 51 short stories, 52 poems, 156 essays on writing, and 51 book reviews, and to date have published writing by a total of 87 Thanet-linked writers. Throughout 2017 we have also interviewed writers on video and in text form, conducted investigations, produced video performances, featured original cartoons, shined a spotlight on notable writers with connections to Thanet, and published research pieces. In addition, Thanet Writers continued to evolve as an organisation, and became a Community Interest Company, allowing us to move forward by supporting writers; promoting literature, culture, and the arts; and publishing writing.

Highlights from local events have included: The Margate Bookie growing considerably and attracting headline speakers and authors; Poets Wheel launching Landing Place at the Turner Contemporary; Real Ale & Rhymes being born; BroadstairsLit creating new literature-themed events; Dead Island Poets Society moving to Roost; Writers Unleashed moving to the Rose of England in Ramsgate; Ramsgate Seadog holding their first festival; Soul Food and Street Sonnets expanding to two new venues; and Thanet Writers launching a Poetry Feedback Group and a Performance Poetry Group.

To compliment an already thriving local poetry scene, Neanderthal Beard launched the Thanet Poetry Journal; a series of print and digital poetry collections by Thanet-linked poets. The first was edited by Neanderthal Bard (who this year also became the first ever poet-in-residence for Crisis UK), the second by Faded Scribblings, and the third volume was guest-edited by the Directors of Thanet Writers CIC.

Inspirations Writing Group launched two anthologies this year, Red and Orange, both with extensive contributions from local writers, and both to raise money for a local library. Writers of Whitstable also released an anthology, titled A Different Kind of Kent, with a foreword by Matthew Munson.


Many writers with links to Thanet have published books this year, and to show how many there are, here is a selection of local writer publications:

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