Thanet Writers Short Story Competition 2020 Winner

It's time to announce the winner of the Thanet Writers Short Story Competition 2020!

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It’s been an odd year so far. Yesterday would have been our annual Conference but, with current restrictions surrounding COVID-19, that couldn’t happen. We’re looking at doing something in the new year but we can’t make any concrete plans or announcement due to the changing situation. However, the show must go on and it is our sincere pleasure to announce the winner of the Thanet Writers Short Story Competition 2020.

An Incident at Pegwell Bay by Charlie Beal.

Guest judge, Catherine Law, said this about the winning story:

I felt that, from the start, the reader immediately knows the protagonist and is there alongside him/her, recognising his/her weaknesses, humility, hesitancy and curiosity. The ordinariness of the situation is contrasted well with the bleak setting; the reader feels the slightly dystopian atmosphere found in some parts of Thanet. But also immediately understands that this is also normal and ‘everyday’. This makes the whole scenario believable and real. And so when the strange marks are seen on the sand, the reader accepts it but is also intrigued, as the protagonist is.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who entered the competition and congratulate all those who made the short and long lists. The standard of the entries was extremely high and we all thouroughly enjoyed reading them.

And, of course, congratulations to the winner Charlie Beal with the fantastic story of An Incident at Pegwell Bay.

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