Thanet Writers Short Story 2020 Longlist Announcement

It's time for the Thanet Writers Short Story 2020 Longlist Announcement!

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Thank you to everyone who entered our first short story competition. We were blown away with the quality of some of the pieces that were submitted and it was truly a challenge to get it down to a longlist.

So, without further ado, here are the longlisted stories:

The Suit by Cydney Adams
Jenny’s Visitor by June Angliss
An Incident at Pegwell Bay by Charlie Beal
A Shadow Over Margate: A Lovecraftian Yarn by Chris Caps
Coming Back by BarbaraDobson
I must go down to the seas again by Ronan Docherty
Face in the tunnels by RachelFellows
Petronella of the Waves by Lynne Gardiner
Kevin the Plant by B.E. Gutierrez
A gift from the sea by Sam Hall
Harold’s Last Choice by Azina Hoyle
Monkeys by Rachel Jones
The Essential Guide to Beachcombing by Jessica Joy
Sirenita by Dylan Keeling
The Fog by Michelle Kriedemann
The Gulls by Rob J Lawrence
Wooly Hats by Rosemary Lind
Grand Aspirations by Patricia Mahoney
Ynys Thanatos by Clare Marsh
A Chapter Unwritten by Anne McVay
Lucy and Najma by Molly-Rose Medhurst
The Gentleman Zombies’ Last Adventure by Samuel Morris
K.E.S.S by C. Murphy
Galatea by H.S. Phypers
The Light on the Horizon by Lucy Porter
Ghost in the slot machine by Eleanor Shearer
Initiation by Robert Taylor
Last Bus to Cold Harbour by Catherine Taylor
The Shoeless Man by Lisbeth Tull
The Brown Jug by K.J. Vande Velde
Solace and the Sea by Holly Emma Watkins
The Sound of a Solitude Whimper by Addison Williams
Shaggy Dog by Keith Woodward
What’s in a name? by Tina Young
The Last Adventure by Lauren

Again, thank you to everyone who entered. It has been a pleasure to read all of your stories. And don’t be disheartened if you didn’t make the longlist; the standard was very high and we would still welcome future submissions from everyone.

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