Thanet Writers Launch Shoal at the Margate Bookie

Shoal, the inaugural Thanet Writers anthology, was launched to a sell-out crowd at the Margate Bookie literary festival.

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Margate Bookie / © 2018 Ben Bowles / Used With Permission

The inaugural Thanet Writers anthology, Shoal, was launched to a packed crowd on the final day of the Margate Bookie on Monday 7th May 2018.

Margate Bookie / © 2018 Ben Bowles / Used With Permission

Tickets to the event sold out and the Foyle Rooms in the Turner Contemporary were packed full of writers and readers, all coming together to celebrate the launch of Shoal. Seventy-five tickets to the event were sold in total.

Host Seb Reilly spoke about Shoal and shared a little background on Thanet Writers and how the Editorial Team put the book together, before introducing each of the five speakers in turn, who performed readings of their work.

The authors who spoke at the Shoal launch event were: winner of the Guyana Prize for Literature and a Commonwealth Short Story Prize Maggie Harris, bestselling and celebrated author David Grimstone, Thanet Writers’ Fiction Editor Alice Olivia Scarlett, Thanet Writers’ Director and Essays Editor Matthew Munson, and Romantic Novelists Association Historical Novel Award 2017 Nominee Catherine Law.

Along with the speakers, the Directors of Thanet Writers CIC, the majority of the Editorial Team and many writers who have been published by Thanet Writers were in attendance at the launch.

Margate Bookie / © 2018 Ben Bowles / Used With Permission

After the launch event, fifteen of the twenty-three contributors to Shoal who were at the launch signed books for audience members. Over fifty copies of Shoal were sold at the Margate Bookie through the Margate Bookshop pop-up store.

Margate Bookie / © 2018 Ben Bowles / Used With Permission

“It was an honour and a pleasure to introduce some of my favourite writers, share a stage with them, and be published alongside them in Shoal. The Margate Bookie was an incredible experience and we are extremely grateful to the organisers for the opportunity to launch Shoal at a venue as prestigious and iconic as the Turner Contemporary. I am proud to have been part of this amazing celebration of Thanet’s writing talent.”

Seb Reilly, Thanet Writers Editor-in-Chief

The writers featured in Shoal are: David Chitty, Rebecca Delphine, Charles Dickens, J A DuMairier, Luke Edley, Rosie Escott, Kirsty Louise Farley, Ghillie, Janet Gogerty, David Grimstone, Maggie Harris, Roger Jefferies, Sam Kaye, Catherine Law, Lannah Marshall, John Mount, Matthew Munson, Seb Reilly, Connor Sansby, Alice Olivia Scarlett, James Souze, Sarah Tait, and Stephanie Upton.


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