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Details of the Editorial Team that run the publication of writing by Thanet Writers.

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Thanet Writers is a non-profit social enterprise working to support writers in and with a connection to Thanet, publish writing with artistic or educational merit, and promote literature, creativity and culture. Part of this is facilitated by the Thanet Writers Editorial Team.

The Editorial Team oversee and work through all submissions, as well as contributing to other Thanet Writers projects, groups, events, community outreach, charitable work, and supporting partner organisations.

Fiction Editor: Alice Olivia Scarlett

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Well-experienced in the nuances of fiction writing, Alice Olivia Scarlett is a published author and freelance editor, and has worked with several notable writers.

Her role at Thanet Writers involves reading, selecting and editing all short story submissions, editing short story anthologies for publication, and developing groups and events to further engage with fiction writers throughout Thanet, including coordinating write-ins, consulting on writers’ groups and events, and attending literary festivals.

Poetry Editor: Connor Sansby

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A published writer and poet, Connor Sansby is also a publisher and editor who runs his own independent publishing house with an extensive roster of authors and poets.

His position at Thanet Writers includes reading, selecting and editing all poetry submissions, editing poetry anthologies for publication, and coordinating, organising and producing events to engage with the local poetry community, including poet-in-residence schemes, poetry slams and open mic events, and workshops.

Essays Editor: Matthew Munson

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Published author and newspaper columnist Matthew Munson is well-versed in the publication process and an advocate for non-fiction writing and essays.

His role, along with his duties as one of the Directors of Thanet Writers CIC, includes reading, selecting and editing all essay submissions to Thanet Writers, as well as promoting Thanet Writers within professional networks, engaging with partner organisations, and furthering outreach, community-based projects and charitable work.

Reviews Editor: Setareh Ebrahimi

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With a breadth of experience and a wide-ranging knowledge of literature and writing principles, published poet Setareh Ebrahimi has a strong background in reviewing and writing non-fiction.

Her role at Thanet Writers involves reading, selecting and editing all book review submissions, sourcing new reviews and books to be reviewed, along with supporting and providing consultation for groups and events, and developing community project ideas and concepts.

Features Editor: Rebecca Delphine

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A published writer and poet, Rebecca Delphine is a Young Adult author with a keen eye for detail and a wide-reaching understanding of the publishing industry.

Her position at Thanet Writers includes sourcing, commissioning and editing the weekly features, working with writers and content providers including video producers and directors, developing new editorial concepts, and supporting partnerships with organisations and individuals within the community.

Senior Editor: David Chitty

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Bestselling author David Chitty has extensive experience within the writing industry and has had fiction, non-fiction, and poetry published throughout the world.

His role as Senior Editor includes overseeing the Thanet Writers publication schedule both online and in print, administration of payments to writers, coordinating and running writers’ groups and events, managing and supporting a team of event hosts, and developing community projects and charitable work.

Consultant Editor: Luke Edley

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Writer and poet Luke Edley has been published in various newspapers and magazines, both locally and nationally, and has consulted on large-scale projects and developments within the publishing industry.

His position at Thanet Writers involves consulting on editorial decisions and providing an impartial view where required, and advising on strategy and business development, including new opportunities for growth and social impact.

Editor-in-Chief: Seb Reilly

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Writer Seb Reilly has had fiction, non-fiction and poetry published in various magazines and publications in the UK and internationally, and been shortlisted for and won awards.

His role at Thanet Writers includes overseeing the Editorial Team, editing all approved submissions, coordinating the Thanet Writers publication schedule both online and in print, and supporting and developing outreach work, charitable opportunities, and community-based projects.

Thanet Writers is a community organisation and is always looking to grow. If you have a link to Thanet and would like to enquire about current opportunities to join the Editorial Team or other vacancies within Thanet Writers CIC, or to suggest a new idea or way that you can work with Thanet Writers to benefit the community, please get in touch.

Thanet Writers is a community for writers, authors, and poets, offering writing advice and support, stories and poetry, reviews and news.

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