Thanet Writers Conference 2019

On 2nd November 2019 Thanet Writers will be holding the first Thanet Writers Conference, featuring guest speakers on writing.

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This year sees the first ever Thanet Writers Conference, a single-day event featuring guest speakers, Q&A panel sessions, and the opportunity to meet fellow writers from Thanet, on Saturday 2nd November 2019.


The Thanet Writers Conference 2019, which is aimed at writers, will consist of a series of talks by notable and leading authors, poets, and publishing industry figures, all of whom will bring unique and exciting insights into their chosen topics, as well as group Q&A sessions with panels made up of the guest speakers and hosted by a member of the Thanet Writers Editorial Team. There will also be the chance to network with other local writers and creatives.

“We’re very excited to be putting on this conference for the people of Thanet and beyond. Being able to bring together a group of experts in their respective fields will be a great boon to the showcase of Thanet’s literary talent, as well as to the support of emerging writers that is currently on offer across the Isle.”

David Rowden, Thanet Writers Director

The inaugural Conference will begin at 4pm on Saturday 2nd November 2019 at the Tom Thumb Theatre in Margate.



Norah Perkins

Literary Agent with Curtis Brown
Norah represents contemporary and classical novelists, as well as historians and philosophers, for Curtis Brown, a world-renowned literary agency founded in 1899.

Madeleine White

Author and Editor of Write On! Magazine
Madeleine has spent 25 years in journalism and publishing, launching seminal international magazines, and her debut novel is due to be published in 2020.

Maggie Harris

Winner of the Guyana Prize for Literature
Maggie is a highly decorated writer and poet, having won the Commonwealth Short Story Prize for the Caribbean, as well as the Kent University T.S. Eliot Poetry Prize.

Patricia Mahoney

Award-Winning Short Story Writer
Patricia has worked in theatre and the arts as an actor, theatre director, playwright, and Drama Officer for Arts Council England, and has won prizes for her short fiction.

Steven Todd

Playwright and Director of Hags Ahoy
Todd has written and directed numerous plays, has had scripts published, and in 2018 set up Hags Ahoy Theatre Company which tours his performances around the United Kingdom.

Matthew Munson

Published Author and Columnist
Matthew has had three books published by Inspired Quill, has seen his short fiction published internationally, and has written as a columnist for local newspapers.


The Thanet Writers Conference 2019 has been made possible with the kind support of:

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