Thanet Poetry Journal Vol. 3

The third volume of the Thanet Poetry Journal, guest edited by the Directors of Thanet Writers CIC, is now available online for free.

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The third volume of the Thanet Poetry Journal, published by Neanderthal Beard and guest edited by the Directors of Thanet Writers CIC, is now available for free online.

The Thanet Poetry Journal, created by Neanderthal Beard, has already put out two successful volumes. Volume 1 was edited by Stefan Gambrell, aka Neanderthal Bard, and compiled by Connor Sansby of Whisky & Beards; the two founders of Neanderthal Beard. Volume 2 was edited by Kirsty Louise Farley.

Thanet Writers would like to thank Neanderthal Beard and everyone who submitted to the Thanet Poetry Journal Vol. 3. Thanet Writers CIC Directors Hannah Fairbairn, Lannah Marshall, and David Rowden, who edited the volume, delighted in reading the varying works and, after much debate and deliberation, selected twenty-three poems to be included.

Within the collection many topics have been highlighted with substance and relatability, including the running themes of community oneness and collaborative support, along with the struggles of solitude and loneliness, especially regarding mental health and stress evoking human emotions such as anxiety, self-doubt and regret. There is also a strongly repeated sense that, although we may have to deal with social anxieties, being able to belong as part of a community will bring joy, satisfaction and contentment.

Overall, whilst the selected poems vary in style and subject, they come together around a common thread. Some hold a rather sombre longing for a life that once existed, or for a change to the one given, whereas others celebrate connection with others and the comfort of company. A strong correlation between genuine positive interaction and contentment is clearly alluded to, and the diversity of viewpoints create a feeling of a three-dimensional sculpture made from twenty-three individual photographs.

Poets have explored a variety of poetic structures and played with both rhythm and rhyme in refreshing and interesting ways, leading to a collection that balances breath-taking and elaborately beautiful wording, along with concise and direct statement, to grow a communal message that is deepened through symbolism and allegory, helping readers to build an intricate image in their minds and become truly submerged in the mood of this third volume of the Thanet Poetry Journal.

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