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Thanet Writers will be editing the third issue of the Thanet Poetry Journal and are looking for your submissions.

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Thanet Writers are guest editing the next Thanet Poetry Journal and we need your poetry submissions! The only requirements, as with submitting to, is the writer needs some kind of connection to Thanet. Previously published work is accepted. Although only one poem per poet will be accepted, up to three poems can be submitted for consideration.

The Thanet Poetry Journal, created by Neanderthal Beard, has already put out two successful volumes. The first was edited by Stefan Gambrell, aka Neanderthal Bard, and compiled by Connor Sansby of Whisky & Beards; the two founders of Neanderthal Beard. The second was edited by Kirsty Louise Farley. The third volume, to be released later this year, will be edited by the Directors of Thanet Writers CIC: Hannah Fairbairn, Lannah Marshall and David Rowden.

“Whilst Thanet has always had a diverse and interesting poetry scene, in recent years it has blossomed, with written and spoken-word poetry being joined by performance based poetic artistry. This blend of traditional and modern sits comfortably within our seaside towns, where different forms of poetry can thrive as separate entities or become a leaning post for one another, bringing fresh opportunities for confidence building and self-expression. The talent of the Thanet poet is nurtured to their own taste, whether it is in the competitive atmosphere of a slam or in the quiet rooms of a writing group. Thanet Poetry Journal is but a speck of the talent that lies within the Isle, but a beautiful speck that encompasses the spectrum of diversity that exists here. We are very proud and excited to have been asked to guest edit the third edition of the Thanet Poetry Journal.”

Lannah Marshall

To submit to the Thanet Poetry Journal, please email your poem, either as an attachment or within the body of the email, to

Submission Requirements

  • The poet requires a connection to the Isle of Thanet. That may take the form of residency, performances in Thanet, or involvement in projects or business within Thanet.
  • For the benefit of the editorial process, no more than three poems are sent at a time.
  • Poems may have been previously published, providing the submitter retains the right and republishing does not infringe upon any prior agreement. Work appearing in Thanet Poetry Journal will be permanently available online in archives for public reference.
  • At present, Thanet Poetry Journal is unable to pay for submissions.
  • Preference is given to poetry that fits on a single A5 page but double page poetry will be considered (Times New Roman, single spaced, font size 12).
  • Editorial feedback will not be offered but those whose work is selected will be informed.
  • Poetry should be submitted for consideration via


As always, submissions to Thanet Writers remain open, and the Editorial Team will continue to read all writing submitted to independently.

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