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The Editorial Team answer some frequently asked questions about the Thanet Writers submissions process.

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Here are a selection of common questions the Editorial Team are asked, and their answers.

How do I submit my writing to Thanet Writers?

Firstly you need to create an account. This allows you to comment and engage with the site. To submit you will then need to apply for verification. Once you are verified, you just go to and submit. A more detailed guide is available here.

How do I format for submission?

We ask that you put a line break between paragraphs when you paste or write your content in the Submissions Form. If you have special formatting, like centred lines, just put a note at the end of the content explaining this.

I don’t live in Thanet, can I still submit?

As long as you have a link to Thanet you are able to submit. You don’t have to live here, you just need some kind of connection to the area, for example a friend or family member. If you are not sure about whether your link is strong enough, apply anyway, as these are reviewed on a case-by-case basis by Thanet Writers staff.

Do you accept content that is already published?

We do accept previously published writing, as long as submitting it would not breach a prior agreement you have with another publisher. If you require the previous publication credit to be mentioned, please include it in the copyright notice after stating the year and name the work is copyrighted to.

How do you choose what to publish?

All submissions are read by the Editorial Team, with each category of submission initially approved or rejected by the relevant section Editor. At least three people read each submission before it is finally approved for publication. This includes proofreading, editing, checking for plagiarism, and assessing the educational or artistic merit of the writing to ensure it falls within the style and editorial guidelines we adhere to.

I submitted, how long until I hear back?

You will receive an email within 90 days informing you of whether your content will be published, and if so, when. If you haven’t received an email after 90 days then please get in touch.

Can I withdraw my submission?

You can withdraw your submission at any time, up to receiving an acceptance email. At that point your work has been formally accepted and is scheduled for online publication under the Terms and Conditions for Submission. You will then be able to request its withdrawal from the website effective 12 months from the date of publication. To request a withdrawal please contact us.

Can I submit more than one thing?

You can submit as many different pieces as you like, as long as you put them through individually, but bear in mind that we only publish one item per day (one story, one poem, one book review, and three essays each week) so please do not submit too many items at once!

Can I submit work on behalf of somebody else?

All work must be your own and submitted by you, using your own account. You are welcome to recommend us to other writers and suggest they create accounts.

How can I submit a Feature?

The weekly Features are commissioned by the Features Editor, and we are always looking for guests and writers to get involved. Please talk to us to offer your ideas or suggestions, we would love to hear from you.

I’m stuck, how do I get some help with submitting?

You can get in touch through our Contact page, or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Do you pay?

Thanet Writers pay £10 per accepted submission for non-exclusive print rights.

My submission has been published, when do I get paid?

Payment is processed within 30 days of publication.

Can I republish my content elsewhere?

We do not require exclusivity and you are free to republish any of your own content published by Thanet Writers. Some other publications do want exclusivity, meaning that once your content has been published on Thanet Writers you may not be able to submit it to them.

Can I use someone else’s content from Thanet Writers?

If you are an educational establishment and are not intending to profit from our content, then some items can be reproduced under the Thanet Writers Education Policy. Please see individual content items to clarify if they are available under this policy, and read the policy fully to understand what you can and cannot do.

What can I do to get involved?

Thanet Writers is a community project and we are always looking for more people to become part of what we do. Contact us to discuss any ideas you may have or to offer help.

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