Poetry in Thanet

Details of the thriving poetry scene in Thanet and the new Thanet Poetry Journal.

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Whilst there has always been a strong poetry presence in Thanet, the current scene within the area is incredibly strong and creative. Thanet Writers are proud to support and contribute to local poetry, and are actively involved in doing so.

Thanet Poetry Journal

Put together by Neanderthal Bard and Whisky & Beards Publishing, the Thanet Poetry Journal offers regular print and online collections of local poetry. Volume 1, edited by Neanderthal Bard, can be downloaded for free by clicking here. Volume 2, edited by Kirsty Louise Farley, can be downloaded for free by clicking here. Volume 3, edited by the Directors of Thanet Writers CIC, can be downloaded for free by clicking here.

Poetry Workshop Groups

Thanet Writers host both a poetry critique group and a performance poetry workshop group each month, and both are free to attend. Full details are available here.

Local Poetry Events

Groups such as Turning Words and Dead Poets Society, along with regular events like Landing Place, Tongue Punch, and Writers Unleashed, give ample opportunity for poets to read and perform their work throughout Thanet. Festivals also occur across the calendar year and feature poetry as part of their line-ups. From roundtable events to open-mics, there is at least one poetry event every week in Thanet, and a full list of local events can be found by clicking here.

Online Poetry

As well as the regular poetry that appears on thanetwriters.com there are several places online to find local poets and engage in dialogue about poetry, from Thanet Writers: Discussion to the wider-reaching Kent Poetry Collective and Kent Poetry groups. They are welcoming and friendly groups who are always willing to offer support and encouragement. In addition, Thanet Writers are open for submissions of poetry, along with short stories, essays and articles, and book reviews. To submit, please click here.

The Future

The poetry scene in Thanet is still evolving and Thanet Writers are honoured to be part of it. If you have any ideas or would like to find out more information, please get in touch or send us a message on Facebook or Twitter.

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