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Thanet Writers are open for submissions of short stories, poetry, literary essays and articles, and book reviews.

Are you are writer with a link to Thanet who is looking for a platform to display your work? Thanet Writers is a CIC and publisher built by a community of authors, poets and readers, working to showcase the fantastic talent that is contained within this Isle we call home. If you have a connection to Thanet we would love for you to show us the amazing work that you have produced. We are looking for poetry, short stories, literary essays and book reviews to be a part of the daily content that we publish.

Once you have created an account with us and been verified you will be able to submit content, comment on people’s posts and help to grow the community that we are building.

You can read our full content submissions policy here but, to sum up, we are looking for non-exclusive content between 50 and 5000 words and you retain all rights and ownership of anything we publish.

By submitting your content to us you will be taking part in this exciting new venture, helping to grow a great community of writers and readers, and promoting yourself in the process. More than that, you will be a part of something amazing. Thanet has been the home of some of the greatest literary figures of the past few centuries, such as T.S. Eliot, Jane Austen, Ian Fleming and Charles Dickens. We are working to continue this tradition and keep Thanet on the map.

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