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Writer and poet Jon Terranova answers the Thanet Writers Discourse Questions.

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Hi my name is Jonathan and I’m a care worker.


Honestly? When I was four years old I used to write the names of the girls I wanted to hug on my dad’s Honda Accord. My brother helped me write a story about batman at a later date. That’s my first memory of writing. As a ‘serious’ writer I guess it was when my book got published; then one moment I thought ‘Oh look I’m a writer’. But honestly I just see myself as a person more than anything. A really boring one too.


Jesus. Honestly before I write anything down I usually ask for forgiveness. I’m also heavily influenced by sad middle aged men in pubs and anyone close to me. I’m inspired by the world.

To name drop some authors I’d probably say Ottessa Moshfegh, Sigrid Nunez, Elif Shafak, Fante, Steve Hussy, Bukowski, Thomas Hardy, King David.


Bad habits. Boredom. Other writers who are more successful than me. Jesus again. Erm…Chino Moreno…dead people. Graves!


I don’t have enough writing habits though I wish I did. Everyone else in Kent seems to be obsessed with writing habits or techniques but I mainly write for joy or hatred.


So much stuff. I really love my family. They keep me going. My cat inspires me too. I love reading books. Drinking ale. Painting. Having a good conversation with a human.


Low self esteem.


Being 30 years old. Having a book published by wordsmithery. By far the best publisher in Kent.


Be brave and don’t succumb to identity. Write because you want to write not because you want to impress people.


I was putting Bobby Parker and Maggie Harris on for Fringe Festival in Maidstone but corona ruined it! I’ll reschedule and let you know. They’re amazing poets. Seriously check them out.


I’m going to put out another book at some point. A novel that would make Valerie Solanas proud.

Jonathan is a writer from Maidstone. His first collection Longing For More was published by Wordsmithery.

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