Sigrid Undset’s Birthday

To celebrate the birthday of Sigrid Undset, artist L R Marshall offers a cartoon dedicated to her.

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© 2017 Chalk Castle Arts / Used With Permission

Sigrid Undset is a winner of the Nobel Prize of Literature. Her best-known work is Kristin Lavransdatter, a trilogy that follows the life of a woman in Scandinavia from birth until death.

Undset fled Norway during the Nazi Occupation in 1940, only returning once the war had ended. Her work focuses mainly on women’s emancipation, but covers a wide range of moral topics, and she was a well known polemist. She also translated many Icelandic sagas into modern Norwegian, as well as completing many literary essays in her later years. Undset also donated her Nobel prize winnings to support Finland from the invading forces of Stalin.

© 2017 Chalk Castle Arts / Used With Permission

Manic doodler L R Marshall illustrates, frustrates and procrastinates. She also draws things quite a lot.

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