Netflix’s Birthday

To celebrate Netflix's birthday, artist Sarah Chipperfield offers a cartoon to celebrate the impact its had on entertainment.

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© 2020 Sarah Chipperfield / Used With Permission

Happy 23rd Birthday Netflix!

Blockbuster was the king of the video rental, being able to take home a couple of movies, or maybe a few discs of a tv show. Since then, streaming has become the most popular way to watch some of your favourite shows. Originally a mail order service for movies, Netflix grew into a company that also produces it own TV shows and movies that we can binge to our heart’s content! It also paved the way for all the various streaming services we have today. Would we have Disney plus or Amazon Prime if Netflix hadn’t evolved how we watch our entertainment?

And how do you feel about online services? Great for watching shows whenever you want without having to hit record on the player, or a way to encourage people to lounge around and spend hours watching dozens of episodes of a show, rather than getting out and about?

Personally I love the tradition of racing the adverts to make a cuppa, but I also love watching whatever I want whenever I please!

Sarah is an illustrator. She creates watercolour and ink paintings.

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