Joan of Arc

To remember Joan of Arc, artist Sarah Chipperfield offers a cartoon looking at her influence on the modern world.

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© 2020 Sarah Chipperfield / Used With Permission

On the 30th of May in 1431, Joan of arc was executed as a heretic. Later she was hailed as a religious martyr, and much later was considered a feminist icon, being used by organisations such as the suffragettes to help represent their campaign. That is to say, you don’t need divine intervention or to become a military leader to be considered a powerful woman. There are plenty of females, both real and fictional, we can draw inspiration from. Whether it’s Greta Thunberg’s activism and enthusiasm for what she believes in or Hermione Granger’s head for intelligence and determination in the face of evil.

Please remember anyone can look up to a powerful woman!

Sarah is an illustrator. She creates watercolour and ink paintings.

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