Batchelor’s Day

To celebrate Batchelor’s Day, artist Sarah Chipperfield offers a cartoon on the traditional role reversal of the day.

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© 2020 Sarah Chipperfield / Used With Permission

As 2020 is a leap year we gain an extra day. Traditionally, this would mean that the gents can have a day to avoid the pesky responsibility of asking a lady to dance, or asking for her hand in marriage. On Batchelor’s Day—the 29th February—that falls to the ladies!

Originating as an Irish tradition allowing a role reversal, Bachelor’s Day, in many parts, is seen as a day for single chaps everywhere to relax and take some time for themselves. Historically, however, it wasn’t quite as simple, as the downside was if the man refused, they would have to buy the lady a gift as recompense.

In modern times, things have improved, and gender roles are no longer as limiting. Hopefully we can all agree that 2020 should be a year of progression and maybe some traditions should be left in the past. Perhaps this year, instead of assigning a person’s place based on expectations, we should take the opportunity to celebrate love in all its forms, and remember that within a loving relationship, anyone of any gender can propose to anyone else of any gender. After all, love is love.

© 2020 Sarah Chipperfield / Used With Permission

Sarah is an illustrator. She creates watercolour and ink paintings.

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