NaNoWriMo: Week Three

A week-by-week guide through National Novel Writing Month. This essay covers the third week of November.

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Still going? That’s really impressive, and you should be proud already. Take a moment to enjoy being three weeks in, you’ve earned it. Take a breath and put your feet up.

This week is likely to be very similar to last week, and whilst it’s still important to not burn yourself out, you’re now well over the halfway mark and should be accelerating towards the finish line.

Writing at this kind of pace can be very draining, so you need to take stock and make sure you are still in a good headspace. Don’t lose perspective on the big picture of why you are doing this. If ever you are going to hit writing fatigue, it’s now; you’re into the second half, but it’s still a long way off. Your word-count should be well over 25,000 words by now, though, which means you’ve done more than you are got left to do. Remember that!

Create Your Plan

At this point, if you’ve stuck to the numbers I’ve suggested, you should be 35,000 words in. Making that up to 50,000 is what you should be concentrating on in the coming week. Ideally, you want to finish your NaNoWriMo project this week. There are a few grace days at the end of the month if you don’t, but don’t take them for granted. This week you need to write until you are done.

Execute Your Plan

Aim to finish. You only have around 15,000 words left to write. You can break that up as you see fit, but start with five sessions, each covering 3,000 words. Keep going, keep at it.




The simple thing to remember is you have done so much already, but you need to keep going. Don’t let yourself relax and get complacent, but keep that pace on! You can do this.


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David Chitty was born and raised in Thanet in the 90s. He devotes most of his energies to writing fantasy fiction novels.

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