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Thanet Writers is a trading name of Thanet Writers CIC, a non-profit Community Interest Company (CIC number: 10690420) based in Thanet, Kent, UK. Thanet Writers CIC is dedicated to supporting writers in and with a connection to Thanet, publishing writing with artistic or educational merit, and promoting literature, creativity and culture. Thanet Writers CIC is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

“Our mission is to promote the literary arts, writing and writers linked to Thanet, advance the education of the public in English Language, Literature, and Speaking and Listening, and to forward the engagement of writing and reading for the benefit of the community.”

Thanet has a long literary heritage including connections to renowned writers such as Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, and T.S. Eliot. Thanet Writers was established to honour and continue that legacy. Working closely with writers, writers’ groups and poetry groups, Thanet Writers aims to publish writing from authors and poets linked to Margate, Broadstairs, Ramsgate, and Thanet as a whole, raise awareness of literature, and offer and support community projects within Thanet and on a larger scale. Thanet Writers CIC is a Certified Social Enterprise.



Thanet Writers CIC is governed by a Board of Directors. The following are the current Directors of Thanet Writers CIC:

Hannah Fairbairn

Hannah Fairbairn

Hannah has a background in management and retail, and brings a people-focus to her role. She actively promotes the mental health benefits of writing and personal creative expression, as well as the positives of being part of a writing community.

As a mother and a writer, Hannah has a strong drive to support and empower those around her whilst encouraging others to improve. Along with writing she works in education and is eager to help highlight and nurture the creative talents of Thanet.

David Rowden

David Rowden

David has been working in Thanet’s charitable sector for several years and brings with him a wealth of experience in grant applications, administration, budgeting and accounting, community innovation, and managing staff and volunteers.

As a writer himself, David is passionate about supporting the local writers of Thanet to reach their full potential. He aims to encourage all writers and creatives to develop their own skills and talents whilst staying true to their personal beliefs.

Lee Stoddart

Lee Stoddart

Lee has a strong background in business development and strategy, along with an extensive project and programme management capability. He brings blue-chip business skills, as well as a passion for writing and enthusiasm for community support and development.

A published writer with experience in both sides of the publishing industry, Lee has judged writing competitions and appeared at literary festivals. He brings a strategic approach and keen eye for detail in developing new avenues for creatives.



Thanet Writers CIC works with writers, authors, poets, editors, workshop leaders, teachers, administrators, PR and press officers, marketers, illustrators, designers, and various other professionals to facilitate projects. Regular staff are listed on the Masthead. To register interest or enquire about opportunities to become involved with current or future projects, please get in touch.




The website thanetwriters.com was launched on the 15th April 2016 to promote the arts, specifically literature and poetry, and publish essays and articles on writing craft. The site publishes short stories, poetry, literary essays, and book reviews, along with features and video content, all provided by writers with a link to Thanet.

This project encourages and promotes public engagement with culture and the arts. Writers, plus educational establishments who are able to reuse selected content available under an Education Policy, can freely access cultural and educational resources. This project creates paid opportunities for writers, building personal artistic reputations and that of the local cultural community. New writers are published alongside experienced authors and poets, becoming part of a community, building confidence and boosting self-esteem, thereby facilitating a heightened sense of pride and achievement.

This project is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Print Publishing

Thanet Writers publishes high quality print anthologies of writing, both in physical and ebook form. The publication and release of print anthologies expands the publishing potential of Thanet Writers, along with further promoting the artistic reputation of the local writing community and the authors and poets within it.

From an initial launch in 2018, this project has become self-sustaining. Copies are sold to generate funds for Thanet Writers CIC to further support the local writing and cultural community and facilitate community projects, with costs of each anthology offset by sales from the last, and all profits being reinvested into the local community. Books are also be provided free of charge to local libraries and educational establishments to actively encourage engagement with the arts.

The launch of this project in 2018 was supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Regular Groups

Thanet Writers host, support and endorse a selection of regular groups and gatherings within the Thanet area.

The Thursday Writers’ Group has been facilitated by Thanet Writers since its inception on the 28th October 2015 to support writers and authors within the Thanet area and offer a forum for constructive critique and feedback on writing, along with encouragement and opportunities to meet and socialise with other writers. The group meets weekly and is primarily focused on prose, particularly fiction, although non-fiction and poetry are actively encouraged.

Dead Hoarse Writers is a monthly group providing writing ideas, prompts and exercises, feedback and critique, and motivation, hosted by a published poet and writer who is also a qualified teacher. The group welcomes both poetry and prose, and is a supportive and constructive environment.

Julie’s Journaling has been meeting weekly for several years to write, share, and work from prompts, hosted by a highly knowledgeable group host with extensive journaling experience. Promoting writing as a wellbeing tool, the group uses writing as self-expression and a form of therapeutic processing.

Writers’ Gremlins is a support group for writers, offering a nurturing environment to help writers overcome barriers, difficulties, and tackle loneliness, hosted by a writer with a background in counselling. The group meets monthly and is a safe space for discussion and to get support.

All regular groups actively promote equality and diversity and adhere to the Equality Act 2010. Particular support is offered to those with mental health difficulties by encouraging writing as a therapeutic form of self-expression.

This project is aimed specifically at those within the geographical region of Thanet and is partially National Lottery Funded through the Community Fund in partnership with Ageless Thanet.

Community Support

Thanet Writers actively work to support the local community, working with partner organisations, non-profits and charities within and linked to Thanet.

Various fundraising events have enabled ticketed workshops and events to raise money for local causes, with a particular focus on supporting organisations working in the mental health sector. The writers and facilitators who have organised, coordinated and run these workshops and events have done so on a voluntary basis to further support the associated cause.

Thanet Writers partner with local organisations and charities to support and assist in the running of literary festivals which focus on low ticket prices or free entry to ensure the general public is given the best value for money possible. This promotes culture and the arts within the local area.

Local events and groups are arranged, organised and run to promote national and international causes and non-profit projects that facilitate and promote literacy and the literary arts. By hosting events and groups within the local area, Thanet Writers is able to increase the reach of these wider-scale projects to their benefit and that of the local community.

These projects are targeted specifically within the geographical region of Thanet.




To contact any staff or department within Thanet Writers CIC, please use the contact form.

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