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Each week Thanet Writers host various writing groups in Thanet for authors, poets and writers to gather, share their work and gain critique.

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Thanet Writers host various groups and events to give any and all writers an opportunity to share their work and gain critique. The groups are frequented by both hobbyists and professionals, authors of all genres, written and performance poets, journalists and bloggers, writers of short and long-form fiction, and non-fiction writers. A full and up to date list of current groups and events can be found at the Thanet Writers Event Schedule.


Every Thursday from 7:30pm, Thanet Writers gather in the Chapel, Broadstairs. The building was originally a chapel, as its name suggests, but between then and its current incarnation it was a bookshop. As a result, the building is still lined with shelves of books, creating a suitable setting for a writers’ group. The pub serves a fine and varied selection of craft and brewery beers and ales, along with local ciders, wines and various other interesting beverages.

If you would like to join the Thursday group, feel free to simply turn up. The bar staff will point you in the right direction, and the group meets upstairs in the room off to the side.


Each Tuesday evening, starting at 7:30pm, heralds the Tuesday writers’ group, meeting at the Ravensgate Arms in Ramsgate. An old pub which has recently been refurbished, it contains a sense of history whilst keeping the kind of style that Thanet Writers enjoy. Wire-filament bulbs and antique furniture meet with a good selection of beer, ale, cider and wine, setting an appropriate and relaxed mood for local writers to gather and meet.

If you are interested in the Tuesday group, you are more than welcome to attend at your leisure. The staff know where to send you, and the group gathers upstairs.


On the first Monday of every month, Thanet Writers host a poetry critique group at the Rose In June in Margate from 7:30pm. Known for hosting live performances, it is an established part of local culture and features nearby sea views to inspire alongside a strong connection to poetic and lyrical expression. This event is co-hosted by local poetry group Writers Unleashed and offers technical critique, discussion and support on the art and craft of writing poetry.

If you would like to attend this group simply come along, with or without some poems. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming and you will easily be able to find the gathering of poets and writers.


All our writers’ groups are free to attend, and you do not have to bring something to be read. If you do bring some of your work, you do not have to read it aloud. If you are bringing writing to a group it is recommended that you bring at least five copies.

For more information about groups and events please take a look at the Thanet Writers Event Schedule. If you have any questions then feel free to get in touch via Facebook or Twitter and send us a direct message, send an email, or ask in the comments below.

The groups are designed to be a nurturing and supporting place to help writers grow and shape their craft. Everyone is friendly and welcoming, so by all means drop in for a chat.

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