About Thanet Writers

Thanet Writers is a charitable organisation based in Thanet, Kent, UK, promoting literature and supporting writers in and with a connection to Thanet. Working closely with writers, writers’ groups and poetry groups, Thanet Writers aims to increase the awareness of literature and offer community projects within Thanet and on a larger scale.

“Our mission is to advance the education of the public in general in the subjects of English Literature, Language, and Speaking and Listening, and to promote writing for the public benefit in all aspects of those subjects and to publish the useful results.”

Thanet has a long literary heritage, including connections to renowned writers such as Charles Dickens and T.S. Eliot, and Thanet Writers was established to honour and continue that legacy.



Thanet Writers is governed by a board of trustees which is elected from and by members. The following are the current trustees of Thanet Writers:


Lannah Marshall

Lannah is a writer and illustrator who has worked in special education and been actively involved in charities and community projects including arts and literacy. She is a disability specialist, has trained in teaching English as a foreign language, and is currently working on her own literary career whilst supporting others.


David Rowden

David has been working in Thanet’s charitable sector since his early 20s and brings with him a wealth of experience: grant applications, administration, budgeting and accounting, managing staff and volunteers, and much more. He is passionate about supporting the local writers of Thanet to reach their full potential.


Hannah Fairbairn

Hannah has a background in management and retail, and brings a people-focus to her role. As a mother and a writer she has a strong drive to support and nurture those around her whilst encouraging others to improve. She dabbles in fiction writing and poetry, and is eager to help highlight the creative talents of Thanet.


thanetwriters.com was launched on the 15th April 2016 to showcase the writing talents of Thanet. The site publishes short stories, poetry, literary essays, and book reviews, along with features and video content, all provided by writers with a link to Thanet.